L’Oréal Paris X Isabel Marant kollektsioon Wanted

Mõni aeg tagasi saatsi L’Oréal Paris mulle pressipakikese, kus olid sees uued Isabel Maranti kollektsiooni tooted- kulmugeel ja huulepulgad. Tänases postituses räägime Wanted kollektsiooni huulepulkadest, mida minu pakikeses oli kolm tooni. Kui soovid rohkem teada saada, siis jätka lugemist.


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My summer favourites/ Minu suve lemmikud

It’s been a while since I have talked about my beauty favourites. When I was planning this post I took a look at my favourites and realised I had already talked about them at one point. Some are separate reviews some just Instagram mentions

Ma pole päris kaua juba rääkinud oma lemmik meigitoodetest. Kui ma olin seda postitust koostamas, sain ma aru, et ma olen kõigist neist toodetest juba mingi hetk blogis kirjutanudvõi Instagramis maininud.

summer favourites 2017

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Mixa Cica-Creme review

A while back I received Mixa Cica-Creme from L’oreal Latvia. The cream is meant for face, body, and hands. It is suitable for adults and also children. The cream contains 5% glycerin + panthenol. In this post we will look it a little bit closer

Mõni aeg tagasi sain ma L`Oreal Lätilt Mixa Cica-Creme kreemi. Kreem on  mõeldud näole, kehale ja kätele. See on sobilik nii täiskasvanutele kui ka lastele. Kreemis on 5% glütseriin ja pantenool. Selles postituses vaatamegi antud toodet lähemalt.

mixa sos cica cream


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24 Happy Days aka The Body Shop’s Christmas Calendar. Day 19.

This year I decided to treat myself with advent calendars. One is a traditional candy calendar, but the other is from The Body Shop. It is called 24 Happy Days.


Like every other traditional christmas calendar, it has a small treat for every day until christmas. In this case, instead of chocolate, there are different mini products, or just smaller full size products for each day that goes by.


Also, what I find incredibly adorable, are the short sentence, good thoughts on every little box.

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Blogging tips

When I started my blog, I was all over the place. I knew what I wanted to do but how or when or how, how and how, were the most burning questions. I remember I googled it a lot and from different pages I got few tips. In this post I am going to write about few points that I think are important if you are not really sure what are you doing, but you want to keep doing it.


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Acne and how to deal with it

I think we all know those days when we wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everything is perfect. Then you go to bathroom to do your morning routine and realise you have a new family member. On your face. Red and bright. Just sitting there forcing you to acknowledge it. Those are “nice” mornings, aren’t they?

After you go through shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and depression, you have to actually do something. Of course, some people are cool and don’t stress over it at all. I envy you because unfortunately I am not one of them. I need zitastrophies gone from my face as soon as possible.


So what I do?

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