Maybelline Dream Matte BB cream

Right now is summertime and the weather is hot. Usually most people don’t want to wear a foundation if the weather is warmer than usual and they reach for different solutions. One of the options is BB cream, like let’s say Maybelline Dream Matte BB cream. I used is actively for the past six months and now share my two cents with you. 


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Essence “Look of The Month” September + KINGILOOS

As the days are getting shorter, weather colder, and my makeup looks are getting darker. Actually, who am I kidding? I have always loved darker makeup looks. This year Essence is celebrating their 15th birthday and I have the honour to celebrate with them. In collaboration with Essence Estonia I am going to show you their new autumn/winter collection, my look of the month, and share some tips how to get it.

Nii nagu päevad muutuvad pikemaks, ilmad külmemaks, muutuvad mu meigivalikud tumedamaks. Tegelikult, keda ma petan? Mulle on alati tumedamad meigid meeldinud. Sel aastal tähistab Essence on 15ndat sünnipäeva ja mul on au tähistada seda koos nendega. Koostöös Essence Eestiga ma näitan teile uusi tooteid värskest sügis/talv kollektsioonist ning ka nende toodega tehtud jumestust. Lisaks loosin ma välja ka KINGIKOTIKESE! Rohkem infot postituse lõpus! 😉

essence autumn winter new flatlay

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My summer favourites/ Minu suve lemmikud

It’s been a while since I have talked about my beauty favourites. When I was planning this post I took a look at my favourites and realised I had already talked about them at one point. Some are separate reviews some just Instagram mentions

Ma pole päris kaua juba rääkinud oma lemmik meigitoodetest. Kui ma olin seda postitust koostamas, sain ma aru, et ma olen kõigist neist toodetest juba mingi hetk blogis kirjutanudvõi Instagramis maininud.

summer favourites 2017

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Mixa Cica-Creme review

A while back I received Mixa Cica-Creme from L’oreal Latvia. The cream is meant for face, body, and hands. It is suitable for adults and also children. The cream contains 5% glycerin + panthenol. In this post we will look it a little bit closer

Mõni aeg tagasi sain ma L`Oreal Lätilt Mixa Cica-Creme kreemi. Kreem on  mõeldud näole, kehale ja kätele. See on sobilik nii täiskasvanutele kui ka lastele. Kreemis on 5% glütseriin ja pantenool. Selles postituses vaatamegi antud toodet lähemalt.

mixa sos cica cream


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Hairwonder Hair Repair series review

A few weeks back Puhas Kosmeetika ( ) sent me few products to try. In the package I found three Hairwonder products. There was a Hair Repair Shampoo, Hair Repair Hair Mask, and Hair Repair Heatcare Protector. I was using them for three weeks and now I am going to tell you my thoughts about them.



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Simple: Kind To Skin+ Perfecting BB Beauty Balm SPF15

Mõned nädalad tagasi saatis Puhas Kosmeetika ( ) mulle proovida mõned tooted. Pakist leidsin ma juustehooldustoodete komplekti ja Simple Kind To Skin+ Perfecting BB Beauty Balm SPF15 kreemi. Sellest, mis oli juustehooldustoodete komplektis, saate lugeda juba pühapäeval. Selles postituses ma räägin teile oma muljetest Simple Kind To Skin BB kreemiga.


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Simple: Kind To Skin+ Perfecting BB Beauty Balm SPF15 review

A few weeks back Puhas Kosmeetika ( ) sent me few products to try. In the pack I found a hair care set and Simple: Kind To Skin+ Perfecting BB Beauty Balm SPF15. You will find out on Sunday which hair care set I am talking about. In this post I am sharing my thoughts with you about the BB cream.


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Declutter of the year

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes forget about products I own. I get excited over new makeup, new techniques and adapt them into my everyday routine. Sometimes it causes me stop using the products I used before. They end up in the bottom of my makeup bag and they stay there until I renew the contents of the bag. Sad thing is, that sometimes the “victims” are my favourite products. So, let’s see what’s in my declutter pouch.

declutter all


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