Maybelline Dream Matte BB cream

Right now is summertime and the weather is hot. Usually most people don’t want to wear a foundation if the weather is warmer than usual and they reach for different solutions. One of the options is BB cream, like let’s say Maybelline Dream Matte BB cream. I used is actively for the past six months and now share my two cents with you. 


The long name is Dream Matte BB Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm + Mattifying Primer WIth Salicylic Acid SPF 15. The packaging is simple- a tube with a screw cap. I had it in the shade 03 Light, which was quite a good match for me. If I forgetfully applied too much, it gave my skin a pinkish shade but if I didn’t all was good. 


So what is a BB cream? BB cream aka Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm is moisturiser, primer, sunscreen, concealer, and foundation all in one. For me Dream Matte BB Cream was everything, except the foundation. Or if foundation than a one with a light coverage. 

I liked to use it on the days where I didn’t really bother with much makeup. I applied the BB cream, some setting powder, bronzer, blush, and highlighter + lip balm and mascara and I was done. Or I just wore BB cream and lip balm.


The BB cream gave me smooth matte finish and covered up subtle blemishes and spots. It also improved my complexion in terms of smoother skin tone. 

The product is concentrated and a little bit goes a long way. A dot on cheeks, forehead, and chin was all I needed to cover all of my face. I blended it in with my fingers. That way I feel I don’t use as much as product and the result looks natural. For foundation I use a makeup sponge or a brush, but BB and CC creams in my opinion look better if they are applied with fingers. 


The longevity of this product was surprisingly good. It lasted quite well for eight-ten hours. That meant I applied in the morning, went to work, and after work the bb cream still looked decent. If my day was longer and I knew I had to look good at 10pm also, then I chose a foundation. For a simple day it was perfect.

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