Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink review

A little while ago I received a generous PR package from Maybelline. In the package I found the Master Blush palette and the new Stay Matte lip glosses. In this post we will take a look at the Super Stay Matte Ink lipcolors. You can find the blush post here.

Mõni aeg tagasi sain ma rikkaliku PR-pakikese Maybelline´lt. Pakikeses oli Master Blush põsepunapalett ja uued Stay Matte huulevärvid. Selles postituses vaatame lähemalt Stay Matte huulevärve. Põsepuna postituse leiate siit.

maybelline super stay matte ink

Super Stay Matte lip colors are exactly what they say they are. The lip colors are matte and can stay on lips a longer time than any of my other lip products.

Super Stay Matte ehk eesti keeles super püsivusega matid huulevärvid on täpselt need, mida nad väidavad end olevat. Huulevärvid kuivavad huultel matiks ning püsivad huultel kauem kui ükski teine huulevärv, mis mul on.


The package is smooth and matte. The tone of the tube is exactly what the shade is. That ensures you will find the correct shade quicker. I know it might sound like a petty thing but in the mornings, when time to do makeup is limited, it is a perk. A few seconds versus going through four-five lipsticks that look exactly the same outside, can matter whether you will make to the bus/train or not. You just can’t go wrong with these. The white cap adds contrast, which brings the actual shade out even better.

Pakend on sile ja matt, nii nagu ka huulevärvi lõppviimistlus. Pakendi toon vastab huulevärvi toonile. See tagab, et sa leiad õiget tooni huulevärvi kiiremini kui siis, kui kõikide toonide pakendid oleks samasugused. Võib-olla kõlab see veidi pealiskaudselt, kuid hommikuti, kui meigi tegemiseks on loetud minutid, siis on see oluline. Mõni kulutatud sekund või minut leidmaks soovitud tooni võib määrata bussile/rongile jõudmise. Valget värvi kork lisab kontrastsust, ning toob pakendi tooni veel enam esile.

maybelline matte ink pioneer


It has a really creamy formula and smooth texture. For me it reminds me of a lip cream. It is just so smooth. Eventhough it dries matte, it doesn’t dry my lips. It feels comfortable on my lips and I barely feel like I am wearing anything.

Huulevärvil on pehme koostis ning meenutab mulle huulekreeme. Vaatamata sellele, et see kuivab matiks, ei kuivata Super Stay Matte mu huuli. Ma praktilselt ei tunnegi, et mul oleks huultel midagi peal.

maybelline matte ink romantic


The lip colors have a soft applicator that is wider in the middle and pointy on the end. They also have a little dent in the applicator, which grabs enough lip color itself as you pull the cap off of the tube. With the amount of the lip color in the dent, you can cover your lips with a thin layer. As the base layer is done, add another layer to intensify the shade and that’s all. The lip colour dries within a few minutes.

Huulevärvidel on pehme aplikaator, mis on keskelt veidi laiem and tipust teravam. Aplikaatoril on keskel väike lohk, mis haarab endaga kaasa piisavas koguses huulevärvi, et katta huuled esimese korraga ära. Kui kontuur on paigas, siis tuleks peale kanda teise kihi, mis annab intensiivsema värvi. Huulevärv kuivab matiks mõne minutiaga.


The only thing I have to be aware of is how I apply it. This formula is so pigmented that if I miss my lip, I have to be really quick to wipe off the mispainted spot. If I don’t, my skin will be stained and my makeup is ruined.

Ainus asi, mille suhtes peab tähelepanelik olema, on täpsus pealekandmisel. Koostis on nii pigmenteeritud, et kui aplikaator läheb huulest mööda, peab huulevärvi nahalt kiiresti ära pühkima enne kui see nahal ära kuivab. Vastasel juhul määrib huulevärv nahka ning rikub jumestuse ära.

I have noticed that the darkest tones – 50 Voyager and 40 Believer need more effort for perfect application. At first they tend to go on streaky so I need to spend a bit more time to get the perfect result. The lighter tones don’t have that problem.

Kõige tumedamad toonid 50 Voyager ja 40 Believer vajavad rohkem pingutusi, et saavutada hea tulemus. Minu huultel nad jäävad alguses veidi ebaühtlased, kuid paari-kolme lisatõmbega on lõpptulemus perfektne. Heledamate toonidega ma pole seda märganud.

Stay On Power/Püsivus

The Super Stay Matte Inks are really super. If you apply the lip colors on clean lips, it will last the whole day. I could eat and drink without having to worry if I should take the liquid lipstick with me or not. It stays put through heavy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. By the end of the day it only wears off from the inner lip line.

Super Stay Matte Ink huulevärvid on tõesti super. Kui kanda huulevärvi puhastele huultele, siis see püsib peal terve päeva. Ma saan süüa ja juua muretsemata, kuidas mu huulevärv peal püsib. Super Stay Matte Ink elab üle hommikusöögi, lõuna, õhtusöögi ja kõik need näksimised ning kohvipausid. Päeva lõpuks on näha kergeid kulumismärke ainult huulte siseäärelt.

Without the proper makeup remover which is also meant for waterproof makeup, you can’t take them off. Face milks, toners, and face powders are helpless in front of the Super Stay Matte Ink.

These are the lip colours I choose to wear at parties, to work, and to other important events. Even a lip stain worth forty bucks can’t compete with this.

Ilma korraliku meigieemaltajata on huulevärvi võimatu maha saada. Näopiimad, toonikud, puhastuspuudrid on nende huulevärvide vastu abitud. Selleks, et Super Stay Matte Ink huulevärve maha võtta, on vaja megieemaldajat, mis on mõeldud veekindla meigi eemdalamiseks.

Need on need huulevärvid, mis on minu esimeseks valikuks peole, tööle, kooli minekul. Ma tean, et ma saan neile kindel olla. Isegi neljakümne eurone huulepulk ei ole neile vastaseks.

My favorite shades are 15 Lover and 20 Pioneer. 


The first is muted mauve rose and the second is bright red. Depending on my mood I mostly wear either of them. The lightest shades 10 Dreamer and 05 Loyalist are way too light and pale for me. The shade doesn’t compliment my complexion.

Minu lemmiktoonid on 15 Lover ja 20 Pioneer. Esimene neist on tuhm roosa ning teine ergas punane. Vastavalt tujule või riietusele on mul tavaliselt üks neist toonidest huultel. Kõige heledamad toonid 10 Dreamer ja 05 Loyalist on minu nahatooni jaoks liialt heledad.


Here are the swatches to all of the lip tones.

maybelline super stay matte ink (2)

05 Loyalist

maybelline super stay matte ink loyalist swatch 05

10 Dreamer

maybelline superstay matte ink dreamer

15 Lover

maybelline super stay matte ink lover swatch

20 Pioneer

maybelline superstay matte ink pioneer swatch

30 Romantic

maybelline superstay matte ink romantic swatch

35 Creator

mayvbelline super stay matte ink creator swatch

40 Believer

maybelline superstay matte ink believer swatch

50 Voyager

maybelline superstay matte ink voyager swatch

Have you tried the the Super Stay Matte Inks before? How did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

Kas sa oled varem Super Stay Matte Inki kasutanud? Kuidas sulle meeldis? Jäta oma vastus kommentidesse!

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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6 thoughts on “Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink review

  1. These are among my everyday must-haves. Myself I have Lover for a more day look and Voyager for a dramatic one. For some reason I have issues with their nude tones – haven’t found one I like. But anyhow, the product is great. I had made a “crash-test” unintentionally when I forgot my makeup remover for after-work gym session. I did not manage to remove the ink from my lips no matter how hard i tried. So I decided just to head to the gym with what I had on my lips. And you know what – it did survive my sweaty workout. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • These are amazing lip products. I love that I can apply them in the morning and go worry free throughout the day 🙂 It really stays on even through meals and coffee drinking.


  2. Omg I’ve always known with that kind of color intensity I would have a hard time removing it with my usual make-up remover! But the good part is, it stays through heavy lunch and dinner!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have tried Pioneer and Transformer from this range… I like Pioneer much than that of Transformer as transformer vanishes from the inner portion of lips slight faster. But overall they are my super lipsticks….


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