Holika Holika Sheet Masks Review

Today I am going to talk about Holika Holika sheet masks. They have several different ones, but in this post you can read about Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheets. I have tried Whitening Seal, Soothing Cat, and Vitality Panda.


Sheet masks have been a hot topic in the beauty community for a good minute. I tried some avocado sheet mask almost a year ago and I kind of hated it. Then I saw these adorable animal print masks and I thought I gave sheet masks another go. Yes, I totally fell for the packaging, but I haven’t regret it yet at all.

Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet Vitality Panda

On the home page it says:  Panda is a vitality mask sheet that contains Bambusa Vulgaris extract which contains organic Silica. Silica stimulates collagen and elastin to further strengthen your skin’s health. Niacinamide is also another key ingredient as it helps to brighten, and provide a radiating glow to your skin.

This was my favourite from all three. It looked good and it was cute. The scent of the mask was nice. I loved the feeling of it on my skin.

Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet Whitening Seal

On the home page it says: Seal is a whitening mask sheet that contains niacinamide which helps to brighten, and provide a radiating effect.

This mask had a bit tingly feeling. At first it felt weird but as the minutes past, the tingly feeling went away. I suspect my own skin condition which caused the tingling.

Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet Soothing Cat

On the home page it says: Cat is a refreshing and soothing mask sheet that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth! Main ingredients contain aloe and calendula extract to help your skin distress from environmental factors and reduce redness within the skin. Also, containing niacinamide to help brighten, and whiten your skin for a radiating effect!


All the masks felt the same on my skin. They were cooling and soft.  I liked that they weren’t dripping wet and stayed put well. I could walk, sit, and move around without worrying that they would fall off. The masks weren’t soaking wet with the solution. I didn’t have to worry about droplets rolling down my neck.

After the masks my skin felt moisturised and smooth. I had a bit of a shininess but it was from the solution. It didn’t bother me. All the masks evened my skin tone. The redder spots weren’t so prominent and my complexion was healthier. I had that beautiful glow which is everyone’s dream. I think a good healthy glow is everyone’s dream, at least.

My only complaints were about the size of the masks. It would have been more comfortable if the eye holes were bigger and nose part longer. Of course it can just be that my face is a tad too big for the mask or the fact I don’t like when masks are too close to my eye balls.

You can apply the sheets on your face in two ways. They have a slightly different pattern on the sides. The look of “pandaness”, “sealness”, or “catness” are totally up for the users themself.


Overall I really liked the masks and I will keep using them for time to time. Plus, they are really cute pick-me-ups after a long day.

Have you tried Holika Holika masks? What sheet masks you like?

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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20 thoughts on “Holika Holika Sheet Masks Review

  1. I am glad that you gave all three a chance (they’re all so cute). I’m not sure, but I know when you take niacin in a capsule, all of your skin tingles and you get what’s called a “niacin flush.” It’s usually found in supplements with B vitamins (I used to sell it at GNC). Maybe the niacinimide does the same thing when applied topically, or worn as a mask? I’ve never tried it, but taking the supplement feels pretty uncomfortable.

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    • I had no idea about the niacin. I thought it was my own skin condition on that particular day. It tingled a bit but it wasn’t uncomfortable or painful. In few minutes the tingling was gone and the mask just felt smooth and cooling 😊


  2. I’ve heard of these and seen someone else review one. I think they’re adorable. And it’s good they pretty much worked out for you. I may feel the same about the holes though lol. It’s like an unnatural feeling to have something near your eyes lol.

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