Delon Argan Oil hair care set review

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A few weeks back Puhas Kosmeetika ( ) sent me few products to try. In the package I found Simple BB Cream (review here) and Delon Argan Oil Hair Care set.

The set contained a shampoo, a conditioner, and a little bottle of hair oil. All of the products infused with argan oil.



Argan oil is in hair care products. The oil promotes hair growth, moisturises, and can even undo some of the damage done with dyes. It is also being used to treat split ends.

When I received the hair care set, I was already positive that I would like it. Now, after three weeks of using it, I can say that I was right. I like them a lot.


Delon Shampoo with Argan Oil

The shampoo is well concentrated and I didn’t need a lot to make it lather. Of course that depended on how many days it was since last wash. If it was four days between hair washes, I did use a bit more product than evenings where it was two days since last time.

The shampoo lathered up and rinsed out well. Even on days where my hair was a tad dirtier, I didn’t need to wash twice. The foam had a scent like one of those fancy expensive salon shampoos, so it was all good.  


Delon Conditioner with Argan Oil

The conditioner was hydrating and had a pleasant scent. The formula had a creamy consistency. I applied it on my moist hair, kept it on for a minute or two, then rinsed out. I loved how soft and shiny my hair was after the wash. My hair was really nice to look at and touch. Of course you shouldn’t touch your hair more than needed because unnecessary touching will make it greasy faster.


Delon Argan Oil from Morocco

After washing my hair, I let it dry in the towel for ten minutes. Then I combed it through, poured some oil on my palms, and applied it on the tips of my hair. First few strokes went to the tips and then I applied leftover oil on all hair.




  • Shampoo and conditioner are easy to rinse out
  • Products make hair shiny and soft
  • My few split ends are harder to notice
  • Wallet friendly
  • Scent


  • I don’t like the caps of the bottles
  • Hair oil should have different dispenser

Disclaimer: I received these products for reviewing purposes. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Delon Argan Oil hair care set review

  1. I love them all the Delon shampoo with the Argan Oil, the Delon conditioner with the Argan oil, and the Argan oil, it the best I have found but the store don’t carry it any more so I would like to find a place to buy it, at a reasonable price, maybe someone could help a girl out, thank you

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