H&M nail polishes

When I had my H&M haul few weeks back, I got myself a set of nailpolishes too. I never have had H&M nailpolishes so I was curious and ready to be pleasantly surprised by them. Did they meet my expectations? Keep reading to find out.

all nailpolishes


It was a set of three nailpolishes: blue (Sky High), green (Make A Splash), and burgundy (Governess). The package caught my eye first with it’s fun design. When I took a look at the colours I knew I had to get them. I was missing that tone of blue and green from my collection either way, so it was an easy decision to make.


Blue – It is a mild sky blue. I think I could also say taupe blue, maybe? Either way it is a nice calm and cool toned nail polish. I  can already imagine how well it will go with my taupe Dior nail polish. If I should add golden too, it would look like a morning on the beach.

blue nailpolishphotostudio_1470567601473


Green – The green shade has little golden sparkles. You can’t really see them unless you actually take a closer look. It’s a nice tone although from the bottle it seemed to be milder.

green nailpolishphotostudio_1470567545250


Burgundy – This is a classy brownish red tone. It has rather mature feeling to it and probably won’t make it onto my nails too often.

red nailpolishphotostudio_1470567488969



The brush is wide and curved from the tip. That will make sure all nail polish is evenly and smoothly distributed. The brush is similar to Dior nail polish brushes but it’s not as soft as their´s. I like the brushes on the green and burgundy nail polish. The blue´s brush has some weird brush hairs which make applying nail polish bit streaky. I mean, I can totally make it work, it just takes bit more effort.    



The blue and burgundy nail polish have great coverage. This means that I don’t have to apply two coats to have a decent look. The green nail polish is a bit more sheer than others. Only with one coat the nail is still seen and the polish won’t look even. It needs two coats to be pretty.

all nailpolishes2

Drying time

The nail polishes dry in quite decent time. I would say within 15 minutes I could already do some more simple things. Of course I don’t recommend to start washing floors right away but the nails are dry enough to read a book or be on the phone.




  • Nice colours
  • Good brush
  • Quick drying
  • Affordable (approx 5 euros a bottle)


  • I am not a fan of the bottle design

all nailpolishes

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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