Evening routine, updated

The last time I talked about my evening routine was In February. Now it is June and things have changed. I began to use new products and my evening routine is different than it used to be. If you are interested in what’s new in my evenings, keep reading.

night ruoutine all


No matter what day it is, or how tired I am, I always take my makeup off before bed.

The first step is removing my eye makeup. For that I use The Body Shop Eye Makeup remover.

The eye makeup remover does a fantastic job. When I use it, I hold a cotton pad on my eyes for fifteen seconds. After that I gently wipe my eye makeup off.

The formula is gentle on the eyes. I am quite certain that even those who have sensitive eyes, can use it. I didn’t have to rinse my eyes after or feel any soreness.

eye face

The second step is to remove the rest of the makeup. For that I use The Body Shop 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask. I gently massage it on my face to remove all makeup and other impurities. After a minute I rinse it off and move on to creams. If you are interested in reading about more of the 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask, the link to the review is here. Sometimes I use a toner after that if I feel the need for it.

The third and the last step is moisturising my face. For that I use Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream or Drops Of Youth Sleeping Mask. I apply the cream as the last step in my evening routine. The cream is concentrated, and a small amount goes a long way. You can read about the cream here.

kreem ja mask

This product is so good that it gives serious competition to my Drops Of Youth Sleeping Mask. I am torn between the two because obviously I can’t use them both at the same time. I switch back and forth every couple of weeks. You can read about Drops Of Youth Sleeping Mask here and here.


What products do you use to do your evening routine?

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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6 thoughts on “Evening routine, updated

  1. I went for a skincare consultation and they recommended the Bouncy Sleeping Mask – I’m very tempted to get it!
    I use a mix of various brands currently: Shiseido, Body Shop, Avene…

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