The Beauty Bloggers Convention – MOSSA


On the 23th of April, forty beauty bloggers all over Estonia got together in the restaurant called  Al Bastione. I was also among the forty.

Each beauty blogger also got a little gift bag. Well, not so little. The gift bag was quite big and impressive.

Here is what I got from MOSSA.

mossa all

Cleansing Micellar water with raspberry vitamins – On the bottle it says “Removes makeup, tones, and moisturises. With natural raspberry vitamins and hyaluronic acid”. Hyaluronic acid, in laymans terms, are anti-aging agents .They bind moisture, improve firmness of skin, and prevent any aging symptoms. I am not worrying about that yet though, it’s too early for me, but I don’t mind using a product with said agents in it if I like it.

The toner smelled like fresh raspberry water. It did it’s job well, although I had to use three cotton pads to get all my makeup off. After that I still washed my face with The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask, but the micellar water did most of the work.
mossa vaar must

Moisturising Antioxidant Day Cream with blueberry vitamins – It is a day cream which has a light, sweet blueberry scent. I liked that it came in a plastic container with a pump. The cream soaked into my skin quickly giving it a matte finish. It is a convenient product to take to a trip with you.

The cream is from Youth Defence series which is meant for more mature skin than mine. Although they say skin begins aging at 25, so I am golden. I like this cream.

BB Nude Skin Protector – It is a light BB cream which is good for days when a full face makeup isn’t needed. On the skin it felt nice, it applied easily and gave light cover. For me the tone was a bit too dark. I really needed a lighter shade. Despite the discolored tone, the consistency was nice, and if they had a lighter shade, I would use it.

Vitamin cocktail day cream – It is a good day cream. It soaked fast into skin and smelled nice. Between this and blueberry day cream, I would choose blueberry cream. The reason is simple, I like matte finish more.

mossa testrid

Vitamin cocktail face oil – I was very skeptical when I saw the packaging of this sampler. I wasn’t wrong. To test this out was a messy experience. I would have liked it much more if it came in a small bottle or container. The plastic pouch got oily all over after the first use and then the oil was everywhere.

The oil itself had a good scent. I think it is better to use as a nighttime moisturiser if you are sleeping on your back. It didn’t soak in as quickly as I would have liked. I found it would be good to apply a few hours before going to bed. Then it can do its magic without you having to worry about getting it all over your pillow.

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