Manicure Of The Week

For this week´s manicure I chose matte red nail polish.


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Makeup wishlist


In the near future I’m going on a little trip to see my friends in another country. While doing that, I am also going to shop. I have a plan to get myself some new makeup products from brands which aren’t sold in Estonia. The main brands to which I am going to concentrate are Revlon, Covergirl, Nyx, and e.l.f. I will mention only three products from each brand because otherwise this post will be long enough to be a novel.

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Spring makeup


After a long winter, I always feel I need to change few things in my life. The easiest change is to figure out a new go-to makeup look. It doesn’t need much. If I have a palette that gives me multiple colour options, it is easy to choose three new tones to use. In this post I will share my new go-to makeup look for April.


all prod

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The Body Shop Mini Haul


So, what happened? Last week and this week there were discounts in all the biggest shopping centres in town. My plan was to find myself some new living room accessories, which I did. On the road to that shop, I passed The Body Shop store. I thought “why not, I can take a look what they have for these discount weeks”. I left the shop with three new items for myself.


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