The Body Shop Tea Tree range review


During February I had a decent Body Shop haul. I bought quite a few products, including four items from Tea Tree range. I used them from the 23th of February to the 15th of March. Now it is time to review them. This is a longer post, so grab a drink and make yourself comfortable.



Tea Tree Facial Wash – When I used it for the first time, I had makeup on. I wanted to see how good it is removing makeup. On the first try it didn’t lather up at all, so I washed a second time too. Then it lathered and I felt how it removed my makeup.

On the skin it felt quite strong. The formula had a shower gel type of viscosity and came easily out of the bottle. As I spread it on my face, I felt how the tea tree extract does its magic. I felt how it cleaned my pores, and all those annoying zitastrophies.  After rinsing the lather off and drying my face, I saw mild reddening. The reddening disappeared after ten-some seconds. On the plus side, it cleansed my face from impurities. It felt nice and clean after a long day being out and about.   

If you have a sensitive skin, I am not sure if you will like it. I can’t say it is 100% like that, but I suggest you to ask for a little sampler before purchasing whole bottle.


Tea Tree Facial Toner – This is a toner which you have to shake up before using. The reason is simple- the active particles of the toner are sitting in the bottom.

I used it as a second step after the facial wash. On the more problematic parts of my face, where I had small cuts/scratches, and other pleasantries that come with acne, it burned like a pigeon in hell was expectantly harsher. I don’t suggest bringing a cotton pad/ball near your eye either. I noticed if I did that, the fumes of the toner made my eyes watery. I will take the responsibility for that and say it was a user error.

After the toner, I felt how my skin began to pull quite soon. It felt like I was wearing a skin one size too small for my face. An easy solution for that, was a moisturizing cream. In the morning I used Drops of Youth Youth Cream, and in the evening Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask.

If you have a sensitive skin, I am not sure if you will like it. I can’t say it is 100% like that, but I suggest you ask for a little sampler before purchasing the whole bottle.



Tea Tree Oil – I used this on the most furious zitastrophies to fight them. The oil was a perfect partner in a crime to kill those stubborn bumps. With few days the pimples were disappearing.

I applied it with a q-tip on problematic spots through the day/evening on previously cleansed skin.


Tea Tree Pore Minimiser – I´ve been preaching about this product for months now. I got it in November , it was one of my December favourites, my January empties and I repurchased it in February . Can you tell it has been one of my superstars through the months I´ve used it?

It smoothed my skin, made the pores on my cheeks smaller. I used it as a primer under my foundation. It was also perfect to use as a day cream since it kept my skin´s oil production at bay.




So, I used the facial wash and toner for few weeks. They did excellent job as a acne destroyer, giving me a nice clear skin. My skin was alive and clean. I didn’t have any problems going makeup free to work. That was the moment where I should have stopped. I used it further, although I had no zitastrophies anymore. As a result it began to dry my skin. I noticed how my skin began to flake, and overall looked duller than usual. My foundations sat wrong on my skin. It looked cakey after a few minutes. Overall I had troubles maintaining the right moisturisation level in my skin. I don’t want to imagine how it would have looked if I didn’t use my overnight sleeping mask.

I found the packaging bit inconvenient. The bottles (facial wash, and toner) should come with a pump option. The lid opened and closed hard and after so many uses it can easily break. The shower gels have the same type of lid, but those I have securely away from pets and children. You shouldn’t leave the bottles open either because there is a chance of spilling.



  • Products are effective
  • Last for a long time

Can be improved:

  • Packaging (facial wash, and toner)


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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23 thoughts on “The Body Shop Tea Tree range review

  1. I’m desperate to try some of these bits! I love the oil, it’s perfect for those zits that need a good attack! The tea tree exfoliator is also one of my favourites, and now after reading this I can imagine loving a lot of this! (The tea tree face mask is also pretty great!) xx

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    • The saleslady gave me a sampler pot of the tea tree exfoliator few hauls back. I liked it but it didn’t have enough of scrubbing particles like seaweed exfoliator does. I can see it being good for acne prone skin tho 😊


  2. I tried this range before too and hated it. I dont have sensitive skin but all the products proper burnt my face like I’d lay in sun and was very painful. I avoid anything tea tree now in case they all do same haha. I see you got redness too so I know now it wasnt just me haha.

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    • The toner killed zits but it overdried my skin where I didn’t have acne. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you tho 😕 I hate when I buy something fairly pricy and it doesn’t work. Btw, the yellow thing in the bottom are the active particles of the toner.

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